SO camp_NISEKO July.14th-16th


Join our 「SO camp」in NISEKO this summer!!  

【参加・協賛募集】オーガニック/エシカルを体感する「SO camp」7月 in パワースポット・ニセコ

「Re:imagine」 A project to seek for “How I Will Live”, “What I Will Do.

SO camp strives to pursue ethical & organic thinking and develop a bright future for us human, natural resources and technology.

Growing Attention towards “Ethical” and “Organic”, Consumers’ attention / interest towards “ethical” and “organic” is radically growing,

Ethical = An essential way of living for everybody to consider about global environment and how the developing technologies co-exist with it.

We will structure our SO community and grow our fans through the 3 segment of groups, “SO Cooperations”, “SO Investors” and “SO Angels / Guys”.


☑︎4 times a year.

☑︎Will be held in spiritual places around Asia.

☑︎Seeking “How I Will Live” through ethical thinking and organic retreat.

☑︎Construct high-level programs.

☑︎Build up communities starting with Ethical Angels, Ethical Guys and the Business Stake Holders.

【SO Camp NISEKO Tour Guide】 

■INCLUDE: CHITOSE Airport to Niseko transportation, All the program, 2nights stay, 6meals, SO Original T-shirts
■FEE:108,000-(yen) Private room optional plus 25,000-(yen)
■Produce:SuperOrganic & mouth journal


【参加・協賛募集】オーガニック/エシカルを体感する「SO camp」7月 in パワースポット・ニセコ
【参加・協賛募集】オーガニック/エシカルを体感する「SO camp」7月 in パワースポット・ニセコ

【SO_workshop】Various workshop includes communication with Mayor of NisekoTown which is known for the world leading eco-model city, Former establisher of STARBUCKS JAPAN, and Local Organic Farmers and producers story followed by visiting many interesting organic site.

【SO_body】We focus on Trailrunning & Morning Yoga session by professional local athlete to introduce both the wildlife of Niseko and how to enjoy living in powerspot.

【SO_food】SuperOrganic ingredients will sooth your conscious body and mind with bright taste and helps to detox. Specially made organic foods  & bentonippon will be served through the 3 days of camp with fresh produce from the farm & restaurant.

【SO_beauty】Introducing & Preparing Natural Spring Water and Organic Cosme & Lines while your stay.

stay in luxury condo by vacation niseko will assure your comfortable & luxury NISEKO time with soothing bathroom and walking distance to Wild Hot Spring.

【参加・協賛募集】オーガニック/エシカルを体感する「SO camp」7月 in パワースポット・ニセコ

【SO_journal】We will continue growing our fans after the camp by publishing SO journal & holding workshops and interesting events in Asia.


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SO_Basic logo【参加・協賛募集】オーガニック/エシカルを体感する「SO camp」7月 in パワースポット・ニセコ【参加・協賛募集】オーガニック/エシカルを体感する「SO camp」7月 in パワースポット・ニセコ









SO camp produce team

SO camp’s Orijinal program is developed by Curious & Funky people who love to explore FOOD, TASTE, and JOY through Travelling. We value ideas of re:imagine, neverendingjourney and never forget to stop playing around the world.




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